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 The Ternois, a land where water springs, is of real interest to nature lovers. The area has so many different landscapes, wooded and hilly, crossed by rivers, which are ideal for sports, like rambling, kayaking, fishing, horse-riding, but also for just simply relaxing.

There is a wide range of activities for the whole family, including motor sports, swimming pools, cinema, discos…

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AARiver fishing

tn_tillycapelle_pecheurs02_jpjohannes.jpgRiver fishing

Pays du Ternois has several rivers crossing through it: the Ternoise, the Canche and the Authie. As a result, the Pays du Ternois is a fantastic place for fishing.
For river fishing you will need to obtain a fishing permit.
To obtain a fishing permit :
More information for fishing in Pas-de-Calais :

See the list of approved French associations for fishing and protection of the aquatic environment

Advice for cycle tourists

Advice for cycle tourists

For your safety :

-> respect the road code,
remain vigilant,
-> do not travel with more than 2 cyclists side-by-side in front
-> choose a bike that is in good condition and in your size
-> use a bike that has all the obligatory safety equipment
-> wear a bike helmet
-> carry first aid equipment
-> make sure you are visible from a distance
-> choose an itinerary that suits your physical condition
-> carry food and drink with you
-> respect the environment

These recommendations are an extract from the Le Cyclo'en Pas-de-Calais guide book published by the Conseil Général.

Advice for walkers and hikers

Advice for walkers and hikers

tn_100px_cygne.jpgFor your comfort bring
-> food and water
-> walking/hiking shoes
-> waterproof clothing
-> UV protection (sunglasses, hat, sun cream, etc.)
tn_100px_geai_des_chnes.jpg-> a camera

So that everybody can properly enjoy their walk or hike, please respect
-> the trail route (stick to the paths and trails)
-> the cleanliness of the area
-> plants and animals; look but don't touch 
-> the other users
tn_100px_chevreuil.jpg-> the facilities (do not light fires, etc.).
Keep your dog(s) on a leash.



AList of cycle tours and MTB trails

Cycle tours and MTB trails


AList of walks and hikes

tn_24chne1_philippecolin.jpgWalking & hiking


ANVIN - Etang de pêche Folk Club

Pond of fishing
Rue de Mazinghem
62134 Anvin
Tél : +33.(0)

AUXI LE CHATEAU - Bike rental at the CPIE Val d'Authie

Bike rental : CPIE Val d'Authie
in Auxi le Château


AUXI LE CHATEAU - Centre équestre La Neuville

La Neuville
Equestrian centre

Route de Willencourt
62390 Auxi le Château
Ph : +33.(0)

See the map of Auxi le Château


in Auxi le Château 


AUXI-LE-CHATEAU - Canoeing and kayaking

Authie river canoeing and kayaking
In Auxi-le-Château