Picnic areas



Located in the village centre with tables, a grass field for sports (football, basketball, etc.) with a view of the open country.
Passes near the "Le sentier du pas de Saint Martin" walking route (classed PR by FFRandonnée), the GR 127, GRP du Ternois Nord, and the "Les Collines du Pernois" MTB trail. starting in Bailleul-les-Pernes.


Locate in the village centre near the fishing ponds. A pétanque area, handball and the possibility for fishing.
The starting point for 2 MTB trails (12 and 18 km).


Located in the lovely group of buildings formed by the Donjon (13th century), the church and the square.
Starting point of an 8 km and 16 km walking trail. Possibility to visit the Donjon and the church.


Located in the village centre not far from the church (with tables and shaded areas).
Along a shorter walking route (classed PR by FFRandonnée) called the Saint Benôit, loop (13 km) starting at Belval Monastery.


A the edge of the village near the RD 916 there is a large picnic area with 2 tables.


The starting point for many walking and hiking trails, located in the outstanding Frévent public garden bordered by the Canche river and containing the Winterberger Mill-Museum. Not far from here the La Sapinière woodland (12 000 conifers) has a fitness trail with a panoramic view of the town.


Located on "Le Saint Benoît" hiking trail in Guernonval. A quiet, shady area 800 metres from the village centre.


Located on the Hauteurs de Nédon with a view of the Nave valley.
A lovely, quiet place close to the La Nave river. On the Pignolet hiking trail (leaving from the village), the La Coqueline trail (starting in Amettes),the GRP Tour du Ternois Nord and the GR 127. Very beautiful 16th century church.


Located near the football pitch and the river and on the "Le Pas de Saint Martin" walking route (classed PR by FFRandonnée: shorter walking route of a few hours), the GR127 and a MTB trail "The Collines du Pernois", in a quiet spot.


Located in the village centre in an absolutely lovely grassy area with trees, near the football pitch.