tn_noeuxlesauxi_montboffles02_photocpievaldauthie.jpgLes Riez de Noeux les Auxi
A limestone hillside, home to a thousand treasures.

in Noeux-les-Auxi

tn_greeter62_clinedouart40.jpgOwner :
Noeux les Auxi
7 place de la mairie
62390 Noeux les Auxi
Ph : + 33 (0)

Manager :
Conservatoire des Sites Naturels du Nord et du Pas-de-Calais
152 boulevard de Paris
62190 Lillers
Ph : + 33 (0)

Description :
This site is home to one of the most beautiful Genévrier stations of the region. Thanks to their recumbent (tabular) or ascending (columned) harbour, they give a particular landscape impression. More than ten species of orchid bloom from April to September at the heart of the chalky lawns, where the noises of crickets and grasshoppers give the site a Mediterranean accent. This hillside is also an exceptional site for the diversity of its mushrooms, notably the hygrocybes, small very colourful mushroom which grow on the mown lawn. The site is home to a large diversity of butterflies and finally the harmless trapdoor spider, the only one in the region: Atypus affinis. One of the original features of this site is the predominant place it holds in the life of the district: agriculture, educational support, voluntary workshops, migration...

Natural heritage : Almost 235 species of animal have already been discovered on the site, with a large number of groups listed (molluscs, spiders, butterflies, orthoptera...) about 20 of which heritage. 230 species of vegetable discovered 32 of which are of heritage interest.

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Access :
open every day of the year
free access for hiking trails
limited access during the hunting season