L'étang de Waligny (The Waligny pond)
A luxurious natural environment where various habitats come together...

in Ligny-sur-Canche

tn Waligny ZelieDuffroy01Owner :
4 rue de la mairie
62270 Ligny-sur-Canche
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Manager :
Conservatoire des Sites Naturels du Nord et du Pas-de-Calais
152 boulevard de Paris
62190 Lillers
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Description :
The Walligny pond is part of the basin in the catchment area of the river Canche which has a large number of alluvial wet zones. The site is disconnected from the river Canche which is now well canalised. This site plays the role of retention basin thus limiting flooding during heavy rainfall. This site was modified by man for a long time, but today it has regained its wild state, which is what makes it unique.

Natural heritage : 48 species of animal (2 of which are of heritage interest). 146 species of vegetation (2 of which are of heritage interest).

Access :
open to the public but limited visitors

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