tn_100px_auxilechateau_paturemilletrous_photocpievaldauthie.jpgLa Pâture Mille Trous (The thousand-hole grazing)
A bumpy countryside which has hidden marvels...
In Auxi-le-Château

Owner :
Auxi le Château
Plca ed l'Hôtel de Ville
62390 Auxi le Château
Ph : + 33 (0)

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Manager :
Conservatoire des Sites Naturels du Nord et du Pas-de-Calais
152 Boulevard de Paris
62190 Lillers
Ph : +33 (0)

Description :
This site offers a unobstructed view over the Authie valley. Its originality lies in its relief: if a small part of it offers an characteristic hillside aspect, the biggest area is on a plateau punctuated with tens of holes and bumps which originate from chalk mining for lime-kilns. It is this bumpy countryside which apparently inspired the English soldiers, on being posted to this region, to give it its name of a 'Thousand Holes'. The presence of moist clayey pockets and the multiple aspects favour the local presence of hygrophile (plants needing lots of humidity to be able to develop) species of vegetation.

Natural heritage : About a hundred species of animals have already been discovered on the site, three of which are heritage species of butterflies. Almost 220 species of vegetation have been discovered, about twenty of which are of heritage interest.

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Access :
open every day of the year
Free access on hiking trails