Remembrance places for the First World War in le Ternois

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The War experienced by the Ternois

The War Memorials:

The war memorials are the most obvious testimony of the First World War damages in the villages. Different as much in their shape than in their representation, their goal is to honour the memory of those who gave up their lives for the homeland. At first, these edifices’ aim was to gather the people around the memory of those who will not come back, making thus the village take part to the families’ mourning. Moreover, engraving the names of the dead soldiers meant giving to them a piece of this glory that those who died for the French armies’ victory assumed.


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A website, IHRIS, created by the research laboratory of Lille 3 lists these war memorials and studies their typology.




Remembrance Stained-glass window:

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A far less known element and yet well represented on this territory is the remembrance stained-glass window set up in churches.  Called sometimes “remembrance stained-glass window”, or “memory stained-glass window”, “patriotic stained-glass window” or even “deceased stained-glass window”, it is the Christian equivalent of the war memorial. The aim of these stained-glass windows is often triple: on the one hand, remind the congregation to think about those who died in their prayers, on the other hand give a Christian meaning to their sacrifice and finally, console the surviving people by the promise of an eternal life for the homeland’s martyrs.

The Poilu figure is sometimes represented at the sides of biblical characters or saints. The donors can be either the whole parish or the deceased soldiers’ family. In the first case, they have a collective vocation and include the names of those who died, in the other case, there is often the picture of the deceased and more rarely, only the name is mentioned.

List of the churches on this territory with remembrance stained-glass window:


MARQUAY Eglise Notre-Dame

FRAMECOURT Eglise Saint-Vulgan

LIGNY-SAINT-FLOCHEL, Eglise Saint-Flochel






Military cemeteries

Remembrance places

La guerre organisée depuis le Ternois

La guerre vécue depuis le Ternois