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Vertes Collines orchard repository


The "Ensemble au Verger" association was created after the Fête de la Pomme (apple festival) in January 2004. It's aim is to preserve local varieties of fruit. The idea is to collect historic fruit varieties from the villages of Pays du Ternois in an orchard repository. After prospecting, grafting, work in the nursery, planting, pruning, and so on, nearly one hundred trees fill the orchard in a landscaped area in the village centre. They represent a good sample of the the many local fruit varieties carefully selected by our forebears. This consists mainly of apple trees, but there are also many pear and plum trees.
This collection of fruit trees has grown from grafts taken from old trees sometimes saved from extinction, in gardens, meadows and hedges. It ensures the future of different varieties of plant.


Verger Conservatoire des Vertes Collines
Monsieur Dupont Gilles
Association Ensemble au verger
Place de la Mairie

Tel : +33 3 21 04 64 56
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • Guided tour for adult groups : from 1 €.