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Young arboretum open since 2000. Mainly local and regional trees. The entry to the arboretum is on the D92 E, between Fiefs and Heuchin. It is located along the Fond de Quévaussard hiking trail. You can reach the arboretum by car.
As part of its environmental responsibilities, the Communauté de Commune du Pays d'Heuchin (Heuchin community of communes) has planted an arboretum in Fiefs in an effort to rehabilitate abandoned land in the communes. The arboretum is 50% funded by the Regional Council and offers advice to nature lovers, walkers and schools. The arboretum contains 924 regional species of plant. The trees are regularly trimmed so that they do not impinge upon the natural landscape in the neighbouring valley.


62134 FIEFS

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