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The castle of Saint-Pol Counts park


Monument Historique
Visitors can discover the relics of the earl's fortress destroyed in 1537 as well as the ruins of the ancient chapel. The ruins and the moats of the castle are listed as "Monuments Historiques". A walk which is at the same time leisurely, fun and informative, the park has become one of favourite attractions of the people living here. Meandering through the ruins and the peaceful walkways, the park lets us discover an interesting array of flora. A fitness trail criss-crosses the park. It allows the visitor to take in the fresh air or to take a stroll in a place full of history. The town council has put in place an adventure trail in the trees "La tête dans les nuages" ("Head in the clouds") which gives visitors an exceptional view over the whole of the town. Other activities which are available : a green maze, adventure trail at ground level for children, shows and concerts during the summer.


Rue du Mont

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