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Belval abbey


Notre-Dame de Belval abbey was founded in 1893 by the Abbot Hippolyte Trannoy, the priest of Troisvaux. The 18th century castle (seigneurial residence) housed the founders Sisters from Laval in Mayenne. The foundation was set up under the patronage of St Benoît Labre (The Holy of Pas-de-Calais). In 1954, a new brick monastery hosted the 60 nuns. On 'Le bois de la Vue" along the road leading to the abbey, a ruin of one hundred years shelts the oratory Saint Benoît Labre. Pilgrims come to get some rest and peace.

After the departure of the Religious Congregation of the Cistercian Order in 2012, the association Abbaye de Belval was created to develop initiatives to keep that place in motion that is part of remarkables sites of Ternois.

Guided tour (1h30) : wednesday 14.30 pm, saturday 15.30 pm, sunday 15.30 pm


437 rue Principale
Hameau de Belval

Tel : +33 3 21 04 10 10
Fax : +33 3 21 47 18 15
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