LISBOURG - The source of the Lys

tn_lisbourg_sourcelalys_ccph.jpgThe source of the Lys
in Lisbourg


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Town Hall of Lisbourg
20 La Place
62134 Lisbourg
Ph : +33 (0)3 21 03 73 99
Fax: +33 (0)3 21 47 90 43

Description :
The source of the Lys river is in the small village of Lisbourg. The 214 kilometre river is canalised in Aire-sur-la-Lys. From Armentières to Halluin it forms the boundary between France and Belgium, where it finally runs into the Escaut.
The source of the Lys can be reached from the Lisbourg-Laires road. Tourist facilities were opened in June 2007 at the source of the Lys by local representatives, with the backing of the Community of Communes and the Lys sans Frontières Association.
The name "La Lys" probably comes from the French word "lisse" (smooth) because of its crystal-clear waters. The source begins at 110 metres altitude in a small crater filled with water (with blue reflects). According to local legends, the blue colour disappears in bad weather.

In the past, the inhabitants of Lisbourg thought that the river began in several different places. During the night of the 11th of February 1984 the river left its historic source and sprang up not far away raising a local road and creating a 60 cm geyser. The caving-in under ground that led to this extraordinary reappearance has left a crater measuring approximately 12 metres wide at the site of the original source.

Source: Antoine Vaast
L'Echo du Pas-de-Calais n73 - April 2006


Video of the source of the Lys 

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