BOUBERS SUR CANCHE - Pépinière jardin Jean-Pierre Hennebelle

tn_apjp.jpgNursery garden Jean-Pierre Hennebelle
Garden with nursey
in Boubers-sur-Canche


Mrs Hennebelle
Rue du Bourg
62270 Boubers-sur-Canche
Ph : + 33 (0)

Description :
A tree nursery created in the image of a garden where diversity and poetry are intertwined. Jean-Pierre Hennebelle was the creator of illustrious plants such as the Malus 'Comtesse de Paris' apple, named in honour of the Countess' numerous visits or the very famous Pulmonaria 'Majesté'. The nursery presents thousands of different varieties exhibited over almost 2 miles of alleyways in an exuberant, rich and colourful garden which is themed by the seasons, perfumed shrubs, coloured foliage and decorative bark.

Open to the public :
All the year, by appointment
9.00 am - 12.30 am / 14.00 pm - 17.00 pm
Closed on Sunday

Prices :
Free admission
Groups (mini 15 people maxi 50 people) : 6€ (guided tour)