La Guilde des Gourmandeurs

Description :
During the "Médiévals" in 2010 in Saint Pol sur Ternoise, local store keepers and store keepers from the region decided to create an association to promote local products: La Guilde des Gourmandeurs.

In the Gourmandeurs basket you will find:

- Le Saucillet (pure pork sausage) produced at Centrale Viande butchery
18 rue Oscar Ricque in Saint Pol

- La Gourmandie du Comte (stuffed waffle) produced by Pâtisserie Delbé
20 place Leclercq in Saint Pol

- Le Sarrasin (buckwheat bread) and Gaudissettes (madeleines) produced by Gourmand'inn
28 rue des Carmes in Saint Pol

- Les Polopolitains (macaroons) and Les Délices de Yole (thin biscuits) produced by La Boulangerie du Centre
22 rue des Carmes in Saint Pol

 - Campdavène, Sire Hugues, Tervana andEscaluigne: four terrines produced by the Au Traditionnel delicatessen
12 rue de Canteraine in Saint Pol

- La Fourgaise de Belval (cheese) produced by Belval Abbey in Troisvaux

- La Sire Hugues* (beer) produced by the Micro Brasserie de la Poste
16 Place Leclercq in Saint Pol

All these products are sold in participating stores.

*The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation