Le Talibur du Pernois

Description :
tn_copie_de_talibur10_photoce.jpg"Talibur" comes from the Picardy patois for apple tart. In Picardy, this pastry dish is known by the name of  "rabote picarde" and is made using a peeled, cored apple filled with sugar (or cassonade) cooked in a square of flaky or shortcrust pastry sealed around the edges.
The "Talibur du Pernois" is a variation of this recipe. It is served in the form of a tart or torte, filled with either apple purée, sliced apple or pieces of apple.

You will find  it in the following bakeries:

- Boulangerie Thellier Richard
tn_copie_de_talibur07_photoce.jpg9 Grand Place
62550 Pernes en Artois
Ph: +33 (0)3 21 04 71 72

- Boulangerie Loboda Pascal
45 rue Blaringhem
62550 Pernes en Artois
Ph: +33 (0)3 21 04 70 93